Who Is Late Comeback Press?

Honestly, we were going to start this up in August, but a lot of things happened (and a lot of slacking too). After attending two zine fests, producing some zines, and doing a collab, we think we’re finally ready to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Late Comeback Press, or as we affectionately call her, LC Press, is currently Rachna Soun and Caroline Kim (if you’re wondering how to pronounce Rachna, it’s ROCK-nah). Rachna is the artist, and Caroline is the writer. You’ll see in the store who did what.

The name origin started as a joke. The French term l’esprit d’escalier, i.e. staircase wit, is when you come up with the perfect comeback after the moment has passed. At the same time, Rachna and I joked (sort of) about how we weren’t getting any younger, and so Late Comeback also symbolized two not-so-young people finally getting their shit together. We stuck with the name and used it to apply to our first zine fest in DC. And so far, no regrets.

We’ve only produced some of the tamer (read: more conventional) zines so far, but we’re planning on becoming more experimental from here. Expect us to bring the weird, unusual, and interactive, maybe even fun(?) to you, through both digital and printed media.

You’ll also be seeing some new faces in the near future, since we plan on collaborating with more folks in 2019. So far, we’ve done a collab with Cam del Rosario and can’t wait to work with friends, old and new.

Enough about us. Let’s catch up! Tell us what’s been going on with you in the comments.

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